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Related article: Date : Wed, May 11, 2005 November 51st EDT 38 From: Wyzman34 aol. com Subject: Brother 2 Brother Chapter 12 Brother 2 Brother -n By Michael Martell Chapter 12 : Mohammed u0026 Sonny Kei Jamal u0026 Sonny saw me at full speed. At that moment I realized Sonny who moved like a beautiful horse. The muscles of your mockery, his movements elegant and powerful. It was a beautiful sight, a glorious spectacle, but unfortunately I was not there to admire its beauty and grace. I moved to the counter at the last minute and crashed in the chest for the first time Sonny the turnbuckle. He turned and left him with a clothesline. It was always on their feet and gave me a knee lever rose and left him again. Sonny was in trouble now that I'm just an n within 10 seconds. With a grunt and a joke, I asked, and I was ready again, as I have delivered a body suddenly I scoop it up and he also under could fall from my hands and slide down my spine. No must become around but I did, and the reason was clear. Sonny drop kicked me I was flying on my back and beaten on the canvas with a strong Out of Office ! I rolled onto my stomach and tried to get my feet before Sonny, but was not fast enough. He hit me on the ropes and I was surprised at the high hip shock that sent me on my fall. " ARRRRGH ! " I always said to my feet and my back protested. is after Sonny got me hooked into a suplex. Now I weigh about Sonny a little I was surprised it was for me Preteen Pthc a powerful suplex. He did, hold me in the air for a total of 15 seconds before he knocked me down n in the back and then trying to cover me for a pin. I was down, I was stunned , but it was not. I went out and got slowly to his feet. Sonny was frustrated that a suplex of his specialties. I string to stand up, Sonny was on me, with several stiff forearm shots to my change. He turned around and attacked me around the ring, but I was ready and pivoTed on the right foot and back him against the ropes. When did Sonny hooked him under the left arm and around his neck right Preteen Pthc arm. I put on my suit and jumped into his arms and together they landed with a deafening blow. Control Me Sonny, as he landed back first. The air escaped him, as I leave for the pin. In the first place.. Secondly.. 3! that s it was over. I remember him. When I got to my feet, I looked at Sonny, who increase, albeit a little slow. Like me, when asked so that someone started a clapping. Sonny and I looked to see Miller Preteen Pthc walk into the XWF Dojo training. He loved what he saw. He praised us the game general and me in particular. I was about rust ring, if the affected You have been out of the ring for long. Wrestling is a business y sport, anywhere in the ring will keep you in form of in the ring and ready, and keep it paid in the eyes of public opinion, general of salary. was very shortNote to my return to the ring and XWF. Miller called me two days before a situation. Mack apparently truck, which was in a fight with Sonny, had pulled some muscles of the knee , which must be repaired to bring it out of combat to the at least 6 months. Miller needed someone to replace Mack trucks. one Who could do in a big house and big reactions. He wanted me to fight against Sonny in a big fight. Since I had wanted for some time n Miller , I sneak attack Sonny wear a mask. My identity is hidden , until the next pay per view and it would be a shock. that s sounded great, both Sonny and I and we both jumped at the chance. but had to fly immediately to Philadelphia to head the XWF n and then on the road for a week, all in use. where n is quickly set things up for pay per view in a forthcoming n months, but Miller is just a master of the art of promotions. Sonny and I quarterked with Miller about what we would do now for recording TV, which was basically about the cowardly attack " by the mystery masked man" who then set up a whirlwind of events that were involved in the fans. Since it was known that Mack the image, have all sorts of speculation on the mask man, but Miller was sure that nobody was going to put as the masked man considering the last time fans who had seen me, I was one of a number ' heroes' of the fans XWF and a close ally of Sonny, closer than n were really aware of. under left Sonny Miller jumped into the shower, while s called a check -up on the child. to leave as soon as I had not had time to for all arrangements to read them, Sonny thought it was useless because they were old enough and mature enough to stay home alone for a week was. What Sonny, true, but it was a part of me just wanted n to know that everything would be fineay. Part of it was the fact , I almost lost my son n that was the longest I was away from him since the accident, but part of me that is not sharp and Kei Jamal, along together. The phone rang six times was, that was a lot of time for someone on the phone when outside or in the pool n. With the X ring, I hung up. I wondered where they were and I had to stop. Jamal at least not alone, and if something happened , it was someone who could help or contact me. I hung up the phone and hear new course in the Preteen Pthc locker room, where n may be at the shower. I packed my things shower, stripped Sonny was naked in the shower. What did I worry n Kei gone and my son, when my eyes fell on Sonny magnificent body. Even wet and full of soap he was still the sexiest man Road. I looked at him as if for the first time I've been I've seen. the lookd back to me and gave me that smile that I love. "What? " Sonny asked, with that smile. I approached him to take a was, and he moved towards me. There was no need for words still talking, everyone knew exactly what the thinking of others, and was loved. I wrapped my arms around his waist as he moved in a kiss, a deep kiss. A passionate kiss. Sonny pressed his body close to me and how their hands up and my ​​back naked, wet, I felt Dick, and fight hard for position. Hips swayed and ground against each other and feel that s great. To say I've Preteen Pthc never felt love like this, I would say that before is a number. Even with Brett, you can never have. Sonny is more than my partner, husband or whatever. He is my friend, my confidant, which is the heart of my s soul. I see us sitting on the porch like watching two old men our grandchildren play in the front yard. Sonny is the man who will be old n to death and can be part of. " Ooooh," she complained, as Sonny began to kissing and suck my right nipple. It felt too good and I love the way you suck my nipples. My eyes were closed, as hot water shower, and his mouth sent me places. My cock shook and shuddered as he sucked on the nipple after the next. It moves my body and I knew what I wanted and I did not know in the shower in the locker room and around the world, stroll and take us only. "my God" I said, when Sonny took my cock in her mouth and began to sucking as if her life depended on it. His tongue was making a joke and wrapping my cock as I sucked harder and harder, faster, and is faster. I had my head as I fucked her mouth, driving my cock in the mouth. It felt so good. I could not concentrate on anything. if someone came now insist. I felt ready, cum. I got out of his mouth a ' pop' sound caused. I wanted to take a him then and there, but we did not have a condom and I absolutely sure you do not understand to tor trying to exploit, bust a nut. " Sonny," said the intent me constantly. "Best back to the hotel n " " No, I can not wait, Mohammed " Sonny said as he stroked his cock " Let's do it now. Right here. " \\ \\ n I shook my head, but I wanted so much. "Sonny... we have no condom... might get caught. Get" Sonny smiled, "Fuck all that, I want to. " Sonny kissed me so hard and how he did it, press it against the rain from the wall. We kissed there, seemed like an eternity. He turned slowly of his body and began to grind their tight ass and warm against my cock, which is ot explode. Sonny leaned back all against me, and I could feel under my cock in hand and guided my dick into her hot tight ass. It felt good, felt very good... no, it was like my son said, compared to in the chain. It was so long since I've been fucked without a condom with someone who last time my son produces. Even if I wanted, I could not get out, Sonny had closed everything and it felt too good to throwout. In addition, Sonny n and I test HIV negative only three months. " Ooooh... " Sonny complained, " Mo- Mo Ooooh.. it feels so good," " Yes.. OH YEAH! " I groaned, as I suggested in the ass. My mind was in to be crazy. It felt so good. I could see why the brothers barebacking, that was risky, but it was sooo oooh very good. God forgive me, but that point I was like damn condom. I turned and pushed her ass with long time blows. "Fuck Mo... Mo- I FUCK ME ! " The fact that someone did walk in itself, yet to much more exciting. I grabbed the sides of her firm ass and bent over to touch your toes. My cock was moving so fast and easy. It was nice and warm. The ass was hot. My baby had the best ass in the world, and it was all mine. all I reported. Our moans and groans filled the shower. Meat ensure that applause in our sexy noises. Sonny loved wholeheartedly , soul and body, and I said, with each thrust. He said that it , which, backed her ass up taKing of all he had to give. " Damn Damn Damn Damn Damn " I said, as with every stroke and was I drive closer to the climax, always knew I wanted to mind are blowing and amazing. " Fuck me daddy, dad fuck me, I fuuuuuuck ! " Sonny called hold the ankle is bent. It was the sexiest thing ever seen. Sonny and bent my cock in and out of her ass. " Oh yeah, oh shit, oh shit... I am running... " The words just came out of my lips when it exploded in the ass, followed by a groan of Sonny, as tail spit juice on the floor of the shower. We were wet with sweat and water. Our bodies were exhausted. I wanted to keep forever and do not move n but do not have that luxury. We had made a mess, and before leaving cleaned thoroughly and completely. We still have a quick rinse shower dressed and headed back to the hotel. As the space, As soon as the door before we were there, but no noise , is not concernedsomeone to walk with us. It was slow and easy to in the shower how, without a condom. Got back together and the time holding each other until they fell asleep. When he removed to sleep, I realized that I was happy and in love for the first time in an n in a long time was finally content. I had no problems, no worries. No time like the present, things in motion. knew Jamal was curious about that, damn curious and wanted that curiosity reveal. Jamal I needed was something that would bring down the walls Inhabition, something that frees you from the expression feelings. Kei closed her eyes as he stroked his cock feverishly as s thoughts on the image of Jamal sexy naked body, her beautiful face. that recalled how he felt Jamal 's cock in his hand touched him on this night, if slept alone music videos and several times later. that s gone mad. He wanted to hook both Jamal. As its father said secondey both wanted to get away Kei knew he did not respond the occasion. I was about to end and stopped her cat thick and set. It was awesome when he left, left Jamal below. He made ​​some friends in the city center and the word Warehouse ' s "was the place to be on 24 / 7. The old heads were hung in Da City that was good, but the young, well cats were thugs ' Warehouse s ". The brothas in ` The Warehouse is" unclockable men, of thugged and Phineas. Kei had a couple of times, as with a hook couple of cats, but they were not about shit and was no point of view. Jamal Jamal, who and what I wanted Kei looked at his appearance in the mirror over again, wearing a pair of black heels Pelle Pelle jeans, a black shirt short sleeve shirt style his wife white bat -.. his Preteen Pthc tan Timbs set everything off. his hair just corn rows, his goatee and mustache trimmed and everything was fresh. andJamal had s to buy most of the trash day and have always been ready for tonight. Kei maintains that ' The Warehouse ' itself really. Jamal knows that the place to go and hang out and where two cats minors could get in your drink. He was with his look pleased. Kei collected the remains as a whole and in light of new and used three good lungs completely there was nothing left to smoke. smiled, it was time to check Jamal. Jamal knew his father would retire if he knows what he saw, wear. his father was not great in any city / hip-hop fashion and store until it was , Jamal could take it or leave it. But now, as saw his reflection he liked. I liked it. kei had collected of much of what Jamal had purchased. had a selected pair Rocawear No jeans, a little large, and a blue shirt to stop Rocawear. was proud of himself and his views. heard the door opened and he smiled when Kei entered and smile vanished when he saw tthe wrinkles on the forehead in the face of Kei. "What is happening? " Said Jamal. Kei said: "What the hell are you wearing " Jamal saw what he did in Kei shook her head "What we've bought in the store. " "Nah man, do you see it wrong. the jeans are cool but we will try a different shirt number," Kei Jamal came and went to delete of the shirt. Jamal resigned. " What's wrong with " " The man anything," said Jamal. "I make my own shirt " " Damn it, forgive me," said Kei put his hands on. He watched as Jamal took off his shirt. Jamal chocolate brown torso was sexy as hell. that I wanted to suck the nipples only once. " So what do I wear? " Jamal asked. Kei shook her head again. "Damn, relax man," said Kei. He reached into his bag of s and pulled his plastic baggy with three joints in them. Moved of one and handed it to Jamal. "Burn this tree, and to be calm. " Jamal is the common, " I'm cool, man. " N " If you smoke, you must be cold as ice, when arrived at the storages , and it has to look something when we shot there, " Kei, to go Jamal 's cabinet. Jamal lit the joint and inhaled. Kei took is a blue shirt and threw Enyce Jamal. " target receives one Mrs. bat and put the shirt on top. That key is not... keep open , will have to look to beat your wife and your abdominal muscles, son. "Kei smiled while watching Jamal dress. Kei cock was rock hard, as he him. Damn, that black sexy as hell. They shared the common and then headed. the store was open and vibrate. kei and Jamal is in the past the doorman at the door s without any problems and were in the bar, ordered two Incredible Hulk. Jamal was a good feeling. feel is great, a little buzzed and relaxed. the joints that previously had extra time and the n is the Hulk on an empty stomach was a quick job. Jamal looked around as the beat and played music. he wanted to dance and when he looked around him, that was when he realizedand there were no women in general were all men and men dance n together. Damn, I was in a gay club. " Kei, asshole! " Jamal said: "This is a gay club," smiled Kei. Now it was. "Why do not you tell me we were going to a gay club ? " Jamal demanded to know. "Will you come if I say that? " Kei said. " I do not know... I mean, I have no problem with gay people... I is over my father and your father and your gay... " \\ \\ n " So what's the problem? " Kei said. Jamal looked around. He had no answer. Everyone seemed cold, without n was upon him. The music was great, and he liked to drink and the atmosphere. Was it really a problem? Jamal shook his head and smiled Kei. " Jay" Kei said: ".. Do not worry about things here, this is chillin and enjoyin cool brothas each other Is there something wrong with because the " " Hey friend" and Jamal Kei looked up and saw the beautiful face of s. -skinned, bald waiter viewed. They nervous, mind that the deal was. Instead of two amazing waiters Hulk before them. " We Preteen Pthc have nothing to drink. " Kei said. " Yo man, someone bought it for you two, " The specified server at the end of the bar. A Brotha was sitting there looking at it. It was dark in the club, so it was hard to know who he was. Kei had a drink and took a big gulp. Jamal followed. a Two Incredible Hulk and previous connections were Kei and Jamal n it feels good. It was not long before they are hot on the trail with all other n and sweaty as it moves with the music. Kei kept moving closer to and sometimes nearly touching Jamal in his arms, his chest, his ass hard and every time Jamal did nothing to stop it. Simply put his hands Kei Jamal in the chest for several minutes before moving Jamal and that was only because he left the dance floor to get even a drink. Kei joined him at the bar. " Damn," said Jamal" The fact that DJ is slammin ! " Jamal said. "DJ N -Sane is his name, " featuring Kei. " Well, it's crazy," said Jamal. " fun? " Kei said. "Ahhh shit is the bomb," Jamal said no. "Thanks for letting me here, man, " To the surprise Kei Jamal embraced him and took him. That stayed in the embrace and Kei know Jamal, to feel his hard cock is pressing against him. "Kei, who is Beac..... " Kei a kiss tight Jamal Jamal and returned the kiss. They stayed at the bar to kiss hands roamed and searched everywhere together. Jamal was in his thoughts n walk a million miles per minute. I knew he liked to kiss Kei. He had always wondered if he was gay, but never really had anyone he met attracted Kei seems to follow her father 's door. Jamal finds Kei very attractive, sexy... very sexy. " Wow baby, " Kei said, " kiss," she smiled Jamal: "This is the first time he kissed another man," laughed Kei: " you're lying " " I'm not," replies watch Jamald. He kissed her eyes closed as she Kei over again. When the kiss ended, she opened her eyes to see, Kei smiling. "What? " N "I wanted to kiss you since we met. " "me too " "Let's go home, " , Kei said, " we can kiss and do other things in private. " Jamal Kei Preteen Pthc agreed and followed from the club. The man who drinks and Kei had observed previously acquired Jamal them, but not because they are attracted by them, although they were sexy Son of a bitch. The reason why he was watching, because I thought I recognized one of them and the more I looked over he was sure that knew his brother. It was not until they leave the club, and he was best in Lighting, realizing that he knows of his younger brother. A smile formed in his face, so happy for him. He had not returned to the city of his trip to the ATL good and hot one minute on a whim, he went to instead of the city of Da Warehouse and what you see ? Jamal Moyenda kiss some fine ass Latin Brotha island. DalzielHe was glad to have your camera the phone with him, no one would believe this shit. I was thinking back on their feet car that was true that the apple does not fall far from the tree. That reminded him. He chose the number of cell phone Brett. response after two board Rings. "Hi Brett, the Dalziel, " he said. There was a pause, then a Barriage the harsh words and curses him, but Dalziel remained on the track through them all. " Really? " " You are the idiot last time we talked. " Snapped board. ".. Well, I do not make money... is not good you know model at the time," Dalziel said : " So you have to make final trickin to meet " " You do not know shit, "snapped Brett. " I know you can easily carry and help you in some good money," laughed Brett: " I know what it is cursed No thanks. " " the fine. 's great. " Dalziel said, " younger cats do anyway. Hey, , " " a child with his ex? Jamal? who has lost head. Jamal did not commit a your shit. that'S just for starters. " " Yeah? Well, that friend is happier than a motherfucker. "Dalziel replied. " You lie, Dalziel, " " I do not need to lie. I bought a drink in both sons of bitches the club and I looked down licking the dance floor. Vi go out, having gone to make the damn thing. " " I do not believe you, and if I did, is just my thing. " Brett said. " Well, I think I will treat my business without you. " " Dalziel, you leave him alone, " said Brett " Fuck you. I thought it was not for him. Bye bitch. "Hung Dalziel , as he had an idea. The fucking girl wanted to help, some revenge. He recalled that Mohammed hold a gun whore with him after the match against his ass when he and I went on board. password advice would be to have a copy of a few. he broke his camera phone and the picture he drew of the other brother Jamal n. Yes, he had an idea that the next DaTurnOut star. com was n to Jamal. Yes, Mohammed would pass through the Son. Jamal could not believe what had happened, and Kei could not believe it, , what happened. They were kissing in bed laying naked and playing the study of each of the bodies of others. Jamal had never touched another man the body to kiss him, suck his cock. It felt great. Kei knew what do. Jamal was just a sip. No gag reflex has made ​​it difficult to cock n Jamal sucking monster seemed to be greater than remembered. On the way home they talked about what and what they were. Jamal had no idea what to expect but knew what he s I was curious, and try what he wanted. I still could not believe it, , was going to happen. " Ahhhhhhh... oooooh... yeah... yeah... God " Jamal groaned as she sucked Kei thick. I could not begin to describe the feeling, but was 100 times more that masturbation. " do you mean? " Kei asked between sucking. " Yes, please do not stop... Do not leave, "said Jamal. Kei returned work Jamal sucks cock. When touched gently sucking cock mother Jamal Jamal and made ​​fun of his ass. Yamal staggered when he thought dass Kei, Preteen Pthc a he liked it and kept doing it. Jamal took his cock s and lick and suck balls after Jamal. " AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH ! " Cried Jamal, as Kei sucked balls, and jacked his cock. The change caused by Jamal Kei exploded to juice in hand s and his own stomach. Damn it ! " " Kei laughed when he saw that his hand ", which was a madman " "I am the man," said Jamal, breathing hard, "I could not contain it. " Kei smiled and kissed him Jamal. " Okay. It's good to have the output. Now we can do it nice and slow. " " What should we do? "Said Jamal excited and nervous. Kei understand, what I felt. I knew, and remembered his own for the first time. " Whatever we do, let's take it easy " said Kei. Jamal was a Virgin, which had to be careful. " This is my... I.. . " " Sssssh, "Kei, as he kissed back Jamal. This is something that is not n ran, but he was also trying to get it going well. Sighed as felt the Jamal timid hands down her body and touched his hard cock n and slowly began a tunnel. it felt good. Too good. to his own shock and surprise s, which came in a few strokes. "Damn ! " " I think we both had to leave us, " Jamal said with a smile. " Yes, " Kei sighed as he gently kissed Jamal. " Oh Hell Yeah " to continue you can write to the author, would like to hear from you. Wyzman34 aol. com
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